It is a delight to wander around the narrow twisting cobbled alleyways of Campodimele.

Campodimele An old Palace Campodimele Bell Tower of the Chuch of San Michele Arcangelo Campodimele Archway and Ape Campodimele Old Stone House With Stairway Campodimele Window With Geraniums

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Campodimele Turret and tower Campodimele Doorway With Steps Campodimele - Clock Tower A Courtyard in Campodimele With Geraniums Campodimele Small Square Campodimele Mural Fresco of the Madonna and Child on a Donkey Campodimele Mural Fresco of an Angel Playing The Harp Campodimele Mural of the Madonna and Child on a Donkey Alley in campodimele latina italy

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Campodimele Rose Garden With Old Millstones From An Olive Mill Campodimele Quiet Courtyard

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